The Lilly Pad

I am a 30ish mom of 4 and wife to the King Frog of 14 years. I am going to school full time and I am trying tame my tadpoles. Life is hectic and here is a place for me to share some of who I really am.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guess what time it is???

That is right I am in the mood to clean. I have all the kids in there rooms with two bags. One for trash and one for things they no longer want. I am so happy I could do the happy dance. I LOVE to throw things away. I think it is a illness or something. I need to look it up in my DSM book. I have such grand plans for the rest of the week. I hope by this time next week every room in my house will be neat and tidy. Free of all clutter and dust bunnies. I always do better with a clean house. Do you? I seem to function better when my surroundings are in order. So I am about to wander throughout the mountain of baby dolls and the river of stuff animals. In my sons room I have to go to the wilderness and weed through the hunting magazines and the camo that no longer fits. In my oldest daughters room I have to sew myself a path and clear away the thread and scraps of fabric. Dive into her closet feet first.....I will put up my divers flag so you know where to find me. It will be a long dive I better make sure my air tank is full. Then I will put my high waters on and meander through my room and office. I am sure I will lose lots of weight just from dodging the debris.

Monday, February 20, 2006


...are they this hard or is it me? My son as I said before has ADHD. This is something we have been told for years and we finally gave in and had him start medication. Has this been easy? NO. He thinks I hate him. He yells at me and wonders why I dont like him. I do like my son. I love him to pieces. Do I like the way he treats me? Why no of course. I hope soon he will understand how I feel. I hope I get to see more how he feels also. But in till then I will hug him and tell him how much I love and adore him and hope he does not have a bad day.

The week ahead

I am really not looking forward to this week. I have so much to do. I need to go through all the kids clothes and figure out what they need. In other words I have to figure out how much blood I have to sell in order to buy ALL of the tadpoles clothes.

I also have so much studying to do that it is not even funny. I am so behind in my studies. I have a bet going on with my biology professor that I will make an A on my next test with is next week. I havent even read over the material. I am screwed.

My third tadpole is ADHD and we are now starting a third medicine. I am not looking forward to this. I hope and pray this works for him. We all need a break.

And to top it all off I need to finish my pantry. My pantry is currently in the middle of a makeover. We have to sand and paint and hang the shelves up again. My food is all on a table in the dinning room right now and it is driving me nuts. I just dont have the motvation to get it finished.

Wish me luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Weight Watchers

Today was my second weigh in ...I lost 4 1/2 lbs! I am so happy. I am on my way to being a happy healty normal weighing person. Ahhh now I hope I can stick with this! I know I can but having the tadpoles around all the time eating good food like cookies and cake. It is tempting to fall off the wagon. But I have my weight watchers ice cream and my rice cakes. Who can ask for anything more?

Friday, February 17, 2006

My Baby is Growing Up

My baby is growing up. It is a fact now that she is about to enter the stage of toddler hood. How much do I hate this? That in itself is undescribable. She is the caboose of a very wonderful train. She has added so much joy and completion to my life.

Right now she is laying in bed with my oldest daughter. They are snuggling up and staying cozy. She will soon be up and running. Her yells will be filling the house and her no's will be filling my ears. But most of all her love will be filling my heart.

Valentines Day

My King Frog is the best in the whole world. For Valentines day he suprised me with our bedroom and bathroom cleaned up.( History of the King.....he never cleans!) If that was not enough he had hung the new curtains for me in the bathroom, lit a million candles and had ran a bath for me. It was so romantic......he had rose petals everywhere and a dozen of my favorite roses too. The kids were still awake when iIgot home to see all of this so he insisted that I take time and enjoy it for myself. Then of all things he turned on a new CD.....the new Garth Brooks Cd. He is such a sweet man.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My tadpoles

I need to tell yall about my tapoles. Well TP1 is a 13 year old girl who loves anything about Egypt. TP2 is my only boy, he is 11 going to be 12 soon. He is adhd and well a true handful. TP3 is our brainiac. She is 6 going on to 30. Last but not least is TP4 she is 1 anndd she rules the pad.

When I was younger I always knew I would have four children. Am I the mom I thought I would be. Yes! ! ! ! I am there friend but most of our I am guiding them in the direction my husband and I have agreed on. Sure we talk about loogies, farts and dropping the bomb in the toliet but that is who we are. Plus if we didnt do any of that stuff we would be very sick people ya know.

Life around here is never never dull. Yesterday the two oldest tadpoles decided to make a pyramid out of the clay they found in our driveway. We know have red clay from one end of the backyard to the other. Not to mention all over the laundry room floor. For the sake of learning I will let them be.

Oh yeah we are also a homeschooling family. That is something we have been doing for years now. We have enjoyed it but it is time for it to come to an end. Next school term they will be going to Private school. Hopefully we can afford to feed them after we pay tution. It is hard to let them swim over to the other lilly pad to learn but I will be going to FSU soon and I need to go during the day.

So that is who we are. I will get on to better stuff in my next post.

Saturday, January 21, 2006


I sat back looking around the table and I was amazed at what was in front of me. I being the oldest one of the clan felt very matriarchal. I was at the head of the table looking on as everyone was talking. Even though we are all from the same family we have very different backgrounds.
There is Becky she is the stylish, uptown female at the table. She and her hubby own a local jewelry store downtown. Then we have Missy she is 30 weeks pregnant with her 3rd child. Her husband just got out of the Coast Guard and moved back home. Then we have Katie, the fun loving, always goofy, lovable Kate. Next to her is Jennifer, she is married to our cousin Michael, and she is considered one of us. Lastly, I am on the end, mom of 4 kids and a returning college student. I am looking on and listening to crazy stories and about how romantic our husbands are.
Becky married Scott about 5 years ago. They dated awhile and with an ultimatum they got married. Scott is older than she is, she wanted commitment and he was not use to that. But the thought of her not being in his life was something that he did not want to live with. They are a funny and great couple to be around. In the beginning we all thought Becky would turn into a snob because they had money. Truth be told she is the opposite. She is bright, smart, and funny and she can keep you on your toes.
Missy, if only I had her outlook on life. It would be grand. They just bought a house and she seems to believe that owning your own house is so much cheaper than renting. She and her hubby are always gleaming at each other with that eternal spark in their eyes. Sick, I know.
Kate, she is someone that is to hard to understand. She and Missy are sisters and there is such a strong bond there, something I wish I knew about. I would have killed to grow up with a sister. She is currently in the middle of a divorce from her husband who lives in England. She met him on the internet, he flew to Florida and they got married. If anyone would ever do anything like that it would have been Kate. She has the type of personality that makes you want to embrace life and go for the gusto.
Jennifer, like I said is married to our cousin Michael. She is strange in a lot of ways but yet pretentious in a lot more ways. Michael is the smart one in the family he went through school and now is a pharmacist. With that title comes a lot of money and that is where Jennifer fits in just fine. They live in a huge house with tile floors, marble countertops, and homeowner association fees. Heck if it was left up to Michael he would be living on the river in a cabin eating off paper plates. He lives where he does now because he loves her and that is what she wants. That is perfect I think.
Anyway, Becky was telling of a story how her and Scott stopped to look at a boat and ended up having sex in it. Brave one she is, I would never attempt to do that. Missi is telling us how her doctor is explaining the fact that her vagina in like a screen door. He was comparing an episiotomy with a screen door. I myself would have found a new doctor. Kate is proudly letting everyone know that her doing is not pregnant and she does not get to be a grandma so soon. She was stressing over that one.
Then out of left field Becky asked us if we could be swinger who would we swing with. That was a lot of fun. I wont go into detail on our answers there. I just laughed at all of them. I am looking around the table and seeing little girls with pig-tales and scraped knees not modern day women in the mid to late twenties.
Even as a child you do not see others growing up around you. I was the oldest. I was the one who left first, got married, and had a baby. Know I am “then been there done that queen”. I am enjoying that role. I love that role. I have made a lot of mistakes in my life but these young women ahead of me are just getting started. I can still see the sparkle of newness in there eyes. I want it to be contagious. I want that sparkle back. From this day forward I want to go forward in life with a newness and refreshed outlook on life. Who do I have to be thankful for this for? My cousins, my friends, my family of course.